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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Welcome back to Huston Middle School! We hope you are excited for a wonderful new school year. I want to extend a warm welcome to our returning families and a heartfelt greeting to our new students and their parents.

At Burrell, our mission is simple: Educate Individuals, Inspire Leaders, and Build Futures. Each student is unique, with their own special talents and potential. Our caring teachers are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment that helps every student succeed in academics and personal growth.

We have some exciting things planned for this year. Our teachers have worked hard to design engaging lessons that spark curiosity and critical thinking. We also believe in the importance of kindness, respect, and responsibility, and we aim to nurture well-rounded students who can make a positive impact in their community.

Parents and guardians, your support is vital to your child's success. We encourage you to be part of your child's education, attend school events, and keep in touch with teachers and staff. Together, we can create a strong team that helps students thrive.

Before we begin this exciting journey, please take a moment to read our school handbook, which has important information about school rules, schedules, and other helpful details.

We are excited to have each of you as part of our HMS family. Let's make this school year a time of learning, laughter, and lots of wonderful memories!

Thank you for entrusting us with your child's education. Here's to a fantastic school year ahead!


Mr. Travis J. Welch
Principal, Charles A. Huston Middle School



Mr. Travis Welch, M.Ed. 

Principal - Charles A. Huston Middle School 

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